Privacy with Trusts

Statutory versus Non-Statutory

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This is a question that SHOULD come up every time a lawful subject is brought up. Does that fall into statutory or non-statutory laws. For those of us that have Contract Business Trusts, we need to fully understand the distinction between a statutory trust and a non-statutory trust. A non-statutory trust is generally referred to […]

Estate Planning

When you should you start?

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Estate Planning is something we all need to do, but most of us put it off for one reason or another; we’re too young to worry about it now, we don’t want to think about our own mortality, we don’t have enough assets to worry about preserving, we don’t have anyone to “leave” it to, […]

Finance & Accounting

Why Do I Need A Trust?

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You’re a young couple. Two jobs, good combined income, a baby on the way and a new house in your future. So many things to think about. You’ve accumulated a few assets and are on your way to a comfortable lifestyle. Let’s jump a few years ahead. By now, you are both well established in […]